About Us

Our History

St. Kitts Marine Works Ltd was established in 2000 and under the leadership of Mr. Regiwell Francis has developed into a strong company with a reputation for getting things done. St. Kitts Marine has a strong and positive presence in the Federation and is well known throughout the Eastern Caribbean. St. Kitts Marine Works Ltd comprises a dedicated team of professionals including business professionals, engineers, top quality technicians, and first class operators.

St. Kitts Marine Works Ltd key capabilities are based around the knowledge, skills and experience of the people employed by the company and many of our key strategic partners and alliances that we form to take on special projects. St. Kitts Marine Works Ltd has proven experience in drilling, blasting, aggregate and boulder production, full scale quarry operations, marine construction including piers, wharves, revetment structure, dredging works, a wide range of civil works including landfill and earthworks, road cuts and marine related activities including salvage operation and a wide range of boat yard operations.


Our Philosophy

St. Kitts Marine Works Ltd philosophy is to keep it simple and thus cost effective for the client. We have integrity and we are aware that at times the client may not be fully aware of the problem, the challenge or the scope of works that is involved. It is our determination to have all our operations properly scheduled and managed along with an agreed scope of works to prevent unnecessary cost escalation to our clients.


Mission Statement

St. Kitts Marine Works Ltd (SKMW Ltd.) resolve is provide reliable and cost effective marine works and ancillary services within the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis and the wider Caribbean using innovation and industry best practices underpinned by our principle that “failure is not an option”.


Vision Statement

To be recognized as the leading provider of a wide range of marine contracting, boatyard operations, aggregates and rock armoring for marine construction, coastal construction and associated services throughout the Eastern Caribbean.

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